“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. – Leonardo da Vinci

Perhaps that was Meagan & James’ motto as they planned their glorious Spicer’s Peak wedding earlier this year.   For it was a simple, sophisticated affair.   Weddings like this truly warm my heart.   Meagan & James live in Sydney but chose to marry in the beautiful Spicers Peak Lodge with just a few close friends and family in attendance.   Instead of filling their wedding with details and kitsch things that say funny things about them, they did the opposite. They paired back the styling and filled the day with what they love, the landscape, the people attending, and each other.   The style of this wedding, helped along by Main Event Weddings, was glorious in its restraint. By not filling the landscape with lots of ribbons and bows and carpets and chairs and signs and baskets and coloured straws, Meagan & James brought focus to the wonder and beauty of nature in its purest form, their love. And nature sure did its part – clear blue skies, and soft sunshine to bring that perfect yellow green tinge to the land that happens only in this wonderful Australian countryside. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the detail and the cute ways that you can now bring something distinctive to your wedding. I do my fair share of drooling over wedding details. I just think that sometimes, less is more. When I look at the connection between Meagan & James & their friends and family, it is obvious that this was their perfect wedding. And when I asked Marcus about how the day went, he couldn’t stop talking about all the touching moments and how much he enjoyed the day.  So I know this wedding really was as good as it looks. Oh yes, and Meagan’s dress was a gorgeous Rhonda Hemmingway.   Thanks Meagan & James for choosing Studio Impressions to photograph your wedding, we hope we did justice to the very special bond you so obviously have.


Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-2 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-3 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-4Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-10 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-6

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-7 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-8 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-9 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-11 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-15 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-16Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-14 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-17 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-19Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-20 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-21 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-22 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-23 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding

Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-29Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-28 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-33 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-34 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-35 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-36 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-38 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-39 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-41Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-40Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding-43 Spicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_WeddingSpicers_Peak_Retreat_Country_Wedding








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  1. Wonderful location for the wedding ceremony. Sunset, golden and green shades, hills at the horizont create the best surrounding for the romantic and sensuous wedding atmosphere and pictures.

  2. I love all of these photos! The bride is absolutely stunning! I also love the location! Great job!

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