I love this beautiful city that we live in.  The way life is lived along the winding banks of the river.  That river as it ebbs and flows is like a heart beat to the city.  And as that heart beats, children grow up, people eat, exercise, work and live as they choose, friends meet and lives change.  People fall in love.  Just like Renata and Paul.   Their’s was a Brisbane wedding with that river as the backdrop.  A ceremony at St Stephen’s chapel and reception where the ships long ago came at historic Customs House.  This was a wedding with heart.  Two people obviously meant to be together.  The warmth between them filling the room. Jarred caught it all perfectly.

Renata and Paul, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions as your photographer.  May the love between you flow endlessly, like a river.

(Oh & that cake – a Julie Whitehead masterpiece).

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