I should have shared this wedding months ago.  A quintessential Brisbane wedding at St Stephen’s Cathedral and the Stamford Plaza, with a great location shoot around the State Library and GOMA captured perfectly by Aurelie. I love how Brisbane has grown.  It can be fun and sophisticated, natural and contemporary, relaxed and yet a little edgy.  Kind of like the wedding of Kristen and James. This couple created a wedding that was every bit glamorous but not even a tiny bit pretentious.  They were relaxed, fun, and well downright fantastic people. Kristen wore a DARB Couture gown with elegance, and their reception couldn’t have had a better view of the Brisbane river.  Top it off with a Julie Whitehead masterpiece for your wedding cake and style it all in white and crystals, and you have a wedding to dream about.  But again, as you’ll see from the photos, this wedding was really about the people.  There was plenty of laughter and just a few (happy) tears, and so much love and affection that you can feel the warmth in every image that Aurelie has taken.   Kristin and James, thanks for choosing Studio Impressions to capture your wedding day.  May your life together always be this effortless.

StamfordPlazaWedding0001 StamfordPlazaWedding0004StamfordPlazaWedding0002StamfordPlazaWedding0003 StamfordPlazaWedding0005 StamfordPlazaWedding0007 StamfordPlazaWedding0009 StamfordPlazaWedding0010 StamfordPlazaWedding0011

StamfordPlazaWedding0014 StamfordPlazaWedding0015 StamfordPlazaWedding0016 StamfordPlazaWedding0017 StamfordPlazaWedding0018 StamfordPlazaWedding0019StamfordPlazaWedding0022 StamfordPlazaWedding0020 StamfordPlazaWedding0021 StamfordPlazaWedding0024StamfordPlazaWedding0023 StamfordPlazaWedding0026 StamfordPlazaWedding0027 StamfordPlazaWedding0028

StamfordPlazaWedding0029StamfordPlazaWedding0036 StamfordPlazaWedding0031 StamfordPlazaWedding0032 StamfordPlazaWedding0033 StamfordPlazaWedding0034

StamfordPlazaWedding0037 StamfordPlazaWedding0038 StamfordPlazaWedding0039 StamfordPlazaWedding0040StamfordPlazaWedding0044 StamfordPlazaWedding0042StamfordPlazaWedding0041 StamfordPlazaWedding0043StamfordPlazaWedding0052 StamfordPlazaWedding0045 StamfordPlazaWedding0046 StamfordPlazaWedding0047 StamfordPlazaWedding0048 StamfordPlazaWedding0049 StamfordPlazaWedding0050 StamfordPlazaWedding0051 StamfordPlazaWedding0030









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  1. Hi,

    Congratulation Kristin & James! What an awesome wedding photography by photographer. Thanks for sharing such great wedding photography collections.


  2. Awesome shot, this is a complete wedding documentation. love the way you take the moment & every detail in it.

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