With the announcement of the new Nikon D3S with HD digital video capture capabilities it is certain that the merging of stills and motion is here for the long run.  The way we view and record memories has certainly changed forever.

It was over two years ago now we saw this move in the industry and personally feel that it is a very powerful medium to work with.   Here is an example of how powerful the merging of medias can be.


SHORT FILM   |   50th Wedding Anniversary by Marcus Bell



The evening was a celebration of 50 years of marriage and the wonderful legacy they have given the world.  The wedding photography was captured at the Brisbane Stamford Plaza Hotel.


To view the additional images and to read the full story – visit this link HERE

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  1. The best short film I have ever seen. So beautifully done I dont even know the people but my heart has been touched and I cried all the way through. Your captures are magnificent the emotion so real I felt like I was there. The family have been blessed by you being there.

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