Last week the 34th Edition of the Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards book arrived on my desk.   In this book are the award winning images from the last AIPP awards, in 2010.   These prints represent some of the best photography in Australia for that year.

I couldn’t help but be proud to see every photographer in our Studio represented in this book.   What many people don’t realise is that in addition to Adam & I there is a small team of people that work behind the scenes to help us deliver the highest quality photography and service to our clients.  Most of these people are also fantastic photographers in their own right,   They are working for us to learn more, and looking at these images, I think I could learn a lot from them.

I’m also pleased to say that they all did extremely well at the Queensland Awards last weekend.  We will show you those images after the national judging later in the year.  

Here are my images from last year.

Adam’s page in the book.

Nicola is the studio’s portrait photographer who has proven here that she can do way more than babies!

Aurélie is our fabulous french re-toucher and second shooter.

Karen joined us just before winning this award.  She works with Penny in client service but is also an amazing photographer.

Great stuff guys!!

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