Preparing tonight to shoot a very special styled shoot for a future edition of Queensland Brides Magazine.  It reminded me of the craziness of our last shoot.  I don’t usually tell my behind the scenes secrets, but sometimes when you look at the images, you just think, I cannot believe we did it!  So I thought this time I would share.    It was an awesome day on this shoot, but the weather that day was not our friend.     We got together with the amazing style team of Brendan at  Styled Events and Cara from  Cara Marie Designs coupled with the magic of Stem Design  and some of our favourite suppliers and created a glamorous rooftop evening reminiscent of a night out in New York all here in Brisbane.   We found the perfect venue, on top of the exclusive rooftop of newly constructed  Ecco Apartments  in West End with an amazing view of our gorgeous city.   We had the pool, we had the sunset, we had it all – including the wind.   THE WIND.  Oh the wind.

The fabulous Julie Whitehead from Julie Whitehead Cakes: had just finished creating a masterpiece of chocolate deliciousness with the most intricate hand coloured flowers I have ever seen and I spent most of the shoot worrying that the wind would blow the whole thing into the pool!   In the end I had Penny lay on the ground & hold the cake from underneath until I got the shot.

The fabulous  RUSH Entertainment attended to add more glamour to our recreated rooftop wedding and just before they took their place in front of the huge backdrop of the new york skyline that Styled Events had created (perfect for our low down jazz night) a big gust of wind smashed the whole thing to the floor.   So, RUSH, as they always do, just played somewhere else – still looking glamorous.

Our models looked just stunning but poor George Wu had fun trying to find the right dress to work with the wind.  Luckily he is the most good humoured person you will ever meet!   And Kim Snare had her work cut our for her keeping that gorgeous main of red hair in place.  Our male model was the only one really comfortable in his  Wil Valor suits.

Luckily Aria Catering came along for the night – because you can’t have a glamorous rooftop wedding without the ULTIMATE sophisticated food – and provided sustenance for our models and the wonderful people that became our guests for the night.  They also created a very special cocktail just for our Manhattan wedding.   What a fantastic idea for any wedding – your own signature cocktail.   Had we known we would have called this one “Gone with the Wind”.

It just goes to show that even the best laid plans don’t always work out, but you can still have fun, and if you are working with professionals, it can still be AMAZING!

Gabe & I had plenty of fun shooting this one together.   We got to try out some of my favourite lenses, new angles and some new skills shooting in high winds in a small space & a big drop over the side!.    It was great to use the 200mm f2 and the 85mm f1.4 with the Nikon D800E.  Don’t get to use 200mm f2 as much as I’d like.

Funnily enough, I am actually looking forward to the next one.!


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