Wedding styling with VC Weddings at MIRRA

While nothing beats the emotion of a wedding, sometimes it is just fun to be able to take the time to photograph beautiful things in beautiful settings and play with lighting, camera settings and the environment.   Working with some of Queensland’s best wedding and event planners and stylists occasionally gives us the chance to do just that.   A little while ago Adam worked with Tori from Victoria Cameron Weddings to create and capture the feel of polished opulence at the one of a kind MIRRA.

We asked Tori to explain the inspiration behind the shoot and this is what she said:

While I love the rustic and bohemian looks that have been very popular of late I think it’s time for a return to something a little more polished and glamorous. With this in mind a luxurious colour palette was chosen that could be balanced well with softer tones with striking bold notes of the fuschia and dark pinks. The newly refurbished Mirra was also a great source of inspiration for this shoot with the gorgeous interior design pointing us towards as luxurious setting. Details were also key in finishing this look with my personal favourite being the gold kissed flower heads that were used as a napkin treatment.”

Of course something like this doesn’t come together without the collaboration of a group of wedding and event specialists.  The very talented people that helped Adam & Victoria pull this one together included:

Hope it gives you some inspiration.



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  1. Absolutely brilliant rendition of colour throughout. I was literally saying wow out loud while I was scrolling. Stunning dress too, looks great.

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