The Sunshine Coast really is one of our favourite destinations to photograph, and not too far from our home either.  There is just such diversity and beauty in the landscape. There are also so many fantastic places for ceremonies and receptions.   But most of all, weddings on the Sunshine Coast just seem to be that little bit more relaxed.  It must be the coastal vibe, but the guests always seem to have a great time and the bride and groom always seem to relax into the day – almost like they’ve started their honeymoon already.

Rebecca & Aiden’s wedding had that feel.  It was a totally stunning wedding, well-thought out, with all the details considered, yet it felt like planning a wedding takes no effort at all. On the day, Rebecca & Aiden weren’t fixated on everything running to perfection, they were too busy fixated on each other. I love that – when the wedding day is actually about getting married.   Now this could have been because Rebecca & Aiden had the forethought to entrust a some pretty amazing wedding professionals with making their day run smoothly, but I also think it is because Rebecca & Aiden are the kind of people that know that when it is all said and done, the most important thing at their wedding was their commitment to each other.

The dream team they pulled together to create their special day, included Trudy, wedding planner extraordinaire from Lovebird WeddingsMondo Floral for some floral magic, and a yummy cake by Sweetness Contained.  Rebecca’s look was created by Trish Falzon for makeup and Evelyn Parsons for hair, with a stunning gown by Bertossi Brides.  Their reception was held at Sails which never fails to provide the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed coastal wedding and food that makes you want to come back for more and more and more.  All this in a place where the sun meets the sea, and you can’t fail to have the perfect start to your wedding. Still, for me, the best thing about this day was watching Rebecca and Aiden – nothing is more beautiful than two people who are truly and honestly in love.

Rebecca & Aiden, thank you letting me be the one to capture that easy connection that you have.  I can’t describe it, but I can see it, and I feel privileged to put it into pictures.  I wish you happiness always.


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Noosa-Wedding-Sails-Sunshine-Coast-14 Noosa-Wedding-Sails-Sunshine-Coast-15Noosa-Wedding-Sails-Sunshine-Coast-23Noosa-Wedding-Sails-Sunshine-Coast-21

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