Last night I was looking through some old CDs and found one I hadn’t listened to for ages and put it on while I worked on some of Lauren & Allan’s wedding images.   When the last track started playing I had to smile.  It was the song that played during the ceremony the day I married Penny.  The song is “True Companion” by Marc Cohn.  It is now such an old song, but it still describes how I feel about choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with.    Looking through Lauren & Allan’s images with this song playing in the background just made me think how amazing it is that amongst all the people that we pass every day, two people who are obviously meant to be together, can find each other.  Just like Lauren & Allan.

Lauren & Allan had a great wedding – elegant, glamorous, intimate and modern.  Breaking from tradition, they met before the ceremony and had some photos together, just the two of them.   Seeing each other for the first time without a crowd around them was such a private and special moment.  It was a real privilege for me to witness a moment in their lives that I know they will always remember.   It also gave them a chance to reflect on all the fun they have had leading up to the day while we took some snaps at one of their favourite places Zeta Bar in the Hilton, Sydney.   The Hilton was also where Lauren got ready while Allan got ready just a little distance away at the Westin.

Despite crazy hot weather the day before, Sydney put on a cold & wet day.  But Lauren and her butterfly-inspired bridesmaids shone through the rain and lit up the Sergeants Mess in Chowder Bay where they had their ceremony & reception.  Brilliant place! Centrepiece by design added sparkle to the room with some beautiful reception decor and Veritas did a fantastic job of ensuring that Lauren & Allan had a perfect wedding day.   Lauren’s gorgeous dress was by MXM and flowers by Lil Blossom.  A band made up of friends of Lauren & Allan’s rocked the reception and then the couple themselves really shook things up with one of the best choreographed wedding dances I have ever seen.  What a way to get the party started! And it didn’t stop until the wee hours with an after party at The Ivy.  I loved this wedding because I got to see many sides of this couple – the couple that like to have fun & mix it up a bit and then the couple they are when alone – gentle & in love – true companions maybe?

A couple of weeks ago Penny & I celebrated 15 years of marriage, and it still feels like we have only known each other for a short time.   Lauren & Allan, I wish that 15 years from now you one day hear a song that takes you back to this day, and realise happily, that it really seems no time at all.

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  1. Wow, you really know how to take a photograph. I’m loving the underpass shots and also the one in the red room with the groom sitting and bride standing…. stunning! I’m a UK wedding photographer and have been looking for inspiration, I’m certainly going to be back as this is some top notch work!

  2. Marcus, these images are amazing–as usual–your work has inspired me since I heard you speak last year and all of 2011 I have been practicing my craft as a wedding photographer with your studio as one of my inspirations! So many gorgeous images of the bride and groom in this set, and a poetic shot of the two sailboats about to pass one another…as always, your work is tender, artistic, epic, and timeless.

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