Excited to be sharing one of the most amazing weddings I’ve photographed lately.  Lawren & Michael were married in Sydney in front of one of the most memorable backdrops this country has to offer.  This wedding was beautiful, it was fun and it was also steeped in tradition. They started the day with traditional chinese door games, where the bridesmaids block the groom and his groomsmen from entering the door to his bride.  The groomsmen must try to bribe their way in and complete a series of tasks set by the bridesmaids to prove the worthiness of the groom. Lawren’s bridesmaids obviously love her dearly because they set some challenging and downright funny tasks for Micheal’s men.

Their tea ceremony was held in the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour. As a photographer it was a dream to capture the colour of chinese wedding costumes against the greenery of these beautiful gardens.  So rich and so powerful – much like how the bond between Lawren and Michael feels.  And this was just the start.  Lawren & Michael held a second ceremony in Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre where the backdrop to their vows was Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House.  It could not have been a more perfect day on the harbour.  Sydney was glorious. Their reception party was in the Fleet Steps Marquee which was styled and coordinated to perfection by TeamEvents.

I enjoyed every minute of this wedding.  It was an absolute pleasure to be their photographer.  Not just because the locations were amazing, or because of the photographic diversity that this wedding offered, but because Lawren & Michael made the day so enjoyable. They were in the moment at every moment.  Their enjoyment and happiness spread to every person at this wedding, including me.  Thank you Lawren and Michael for choosing me to photograph the start of your happy life together.  I wish you good luck and joy always.




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