2012 has been off to a fantastic start and I have been holding off sharing some great weddings on the blog because I still have some weddings from 2011 that I want to post.   I just can’t wait to share this one.

Rebecca and Dan had a traditional jewish ceremony at the  Sydney Great Synagogue.  It was my first opportunity to photograph here and it was AMAZING!     Rebecca and Dan have the most loving extended family and their wedding was full to the brim with love and laughter and overflowing with joy.   Rebecca is a fashion designer and Dan a chef and they are two of the nicest people I’ve met.   They are really, completely, in love.

So many things happened during this wedding that made their love obvious, but one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen a groom do for his bride, happened at this wedding.   Dan is not known for his musical ability and has never played an instrument.   In secret, in the months leading up to their big day, Dan learnt to play piano just so he could play a romantic song for his new wife.   If that isn’t enough, the whole way he did this was so special.   With no fanfare, Dan just walked up to the piano and then to everyone’s surprise started playing “Close Cover” by Wim Mertens.  When he had the attention of the whole room, he stopped playing and let a version on the Ipod take over while he left the piano to take Bec’s hand in their first dance as husband and wife.  I had been told there would be no first dance as this is what Bec herself thought.   No-one knew that Dan had planned this romantic gesture all along.    Well done, mate.  Impressive.  And dedicated.

I could tell you so much more about this wedding.  It had everything and then more.  There was so much going on that even with Adam along to co-shoot, I found myself finishing at 1am but still too energised to sleep.    The truly amazing Philip Carr from Philip Carr & Associateshas to be credited for the smooth running of this beautiful wedding, and the band Glass for keeping the dance floor of the Sydney Hilton, full all night.  A big thank you to Clare for the hand.

Bec wore Vera Wang and the Bridesmaids dresses and shoes were designed under her own label Bec & Bridge.

There is just not enough time or space in this blog to put down all the little moments that filled this wedding day, or to explain all the things that made me know how special this couple and their family was.   Instead, I’ve put in more than my usual number of images, in the hope that you will all see that for yourselves.

Bec and Dan, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions.   It wasn’t just a pleasure, but an inspiration, to be part of your wedding ceremony.  May your hearts be forever filled with this much love.


Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to view Rebecca & Dan’s sneak peek slideshow.

Wedding guests are welcome to view all images on the online gallery.

(Slideshow and gallery are password protected. Please contact Rebecca & Dan for access.)

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  1. Wow I don’t think I have ever seen a wedding so joy and fun filled – it looks like it would have been a roar to attend let alone capture on film! And those early shots of the bridesmaid in tears are classic 🙂

  2. Wow! Phenomenal again. I’m just blown away by the feature images of the bride before the wedding and how well you’ve been able to capture the light show in the reception, magic!

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