Finally, a chance to post some weddings.    Here is a really great one.

Sarah & Paul got married at St Mary’s Cathedral’s crypt in Sydney with a fantastic reception at one of my all time favourite places to get inspiration, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.   It was a stunning wedding with some touches that were quite special, like the cheese wheel wedding cake and their version of bomboniere – a tie for the guys – now that is my kind of wedding favour.   Sarah & Paul are obviously very close to their family, and in fact, they had said to me how important it was that I captured their friends & family and the way they are together.  I can see why – they are such lovely people.

They chose two spectacular venues… With a late ceremony time, there wasn’t a great deal of daylight.   Paul & Sarah had booked us because they wanted a truly unobtrusive photographer.  I knew they wanted documentary wedding photography and, like most couples, I knew they didn’t want to see constant flashes fired from my camera that would intrude on the day and draw attention to the photographer.   So, I used my Nikon D4 and looked for the available light.  And there it was.  Perfect light slipping through the dimness.   It was a test of my skills as a photographer and I LOVED it.

All I can say is thank YOU Sarah & Paul for choosing these perfect locations and for trusting me to be your photographer.   May all your days be filled with this much perfect love and perfect light.  Thank you also for the heartfelt written card that you gave me at the end of the night.

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