Brisbane Wedding – Kate & Jackson

Aristotle said ” friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies”. Maybe he had met Kate and Jackson in an earlier life. I am sure these two were destined to be together and that it was written in the stars somewhere a long time ago.  They are just right for each other. When I […]

Alison & Richard

Adam photographed the classically beautiful wedding of Alison & Richard, so this time I asked him to put together his thoughts on this wedding.  Here is what he said…… “When I first met Alison & Richard, I knew straight away that I wanted to be part of their day, they were so clearly in love […]

Sarah & Budhi

A love story unfolded before me at Sarah and Budhi’s Brisbane wedding. If only I could have recorded all the sounds of the “oohs and aahs” during the ceremony, all the laughter during the reception and even the silence when the veil was being placed in position before walking down the aisle. This day had […]