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28 May 2015

Wedding Inspiration – Shoes

  What could possibly follow a post about DARB Couture gowns?   A post on shoes of course!  Whether you are choosing all out sky high glam or flat heeled comfort, there is some gorgeous footwear here to inspire and delight you, all courtesy of our recent brides.  Enjoy!                      

08 May 2013

Wedding Inspiration – Shoes

SHOES!!!   Ladies, what more is there to say?    Feast your eyes on some of the truly luscious footwear that our Brides chose to wear in 2012.  Just makes me want to dress up and go out.   Of course I’d need a new pair of shoes…….

03 Apr 2012

Wedding Inspiration – Shoes

And to go with our recent post on dresses, what else do we need?   SHOES!!!   Oh yes. You know, Marcus says that he doesn’t get my obsession with shoes.  Looking at these images, I think he does.  Just a little bit.  Some of these are Adam’s images too of course, but he loves shoes just as much as me I think! Aaaahhhhh…….shoes.   I may get married again just to slip on some divine footwear like this.   I can’t tell where you can get exactly the shoes we […]

15 Sep 2011

Alexandra & Sam

Here is a wedding that I just have to share.  I don’t often use the word awesome, I think it gets over used & loses its real meaning, a little like the word love – but this wedding – well it qualifies as truly AWESOME!!! It is not often that Studio Impressions sends three photographers to a wedding.  This wedding, this couple, deserved the best we could offer, so Adam & I  both went & also took Aurelie as a third shooter.  This was a […]