It’s 2:47am and my phone beeps.  Who is texting me at this time of the morning?  Why am I even looking at it?

How quickly I’ve forgotten what it is like to have a newborn. 2:47am, that’s like daylight when your baby is less than 4 weeks old.  And so it was that I got a text from Bede Durbridge updating me on the weather on the Gold Coast that day.  With plans in place to photograph Bede, Tarryn and tiny Willow at Currumbin that day, I had a choice – take Bede’s advice on the rain & sleep in (aaah so tempting) or get up anyway & head to the coast to meet this new addition to the world.  Had a hunch on the weather &  I was awake anyway, so I headed down and the gods were good to us that day.

I  HAD to photograph Bede & Tarryn with Willow at the same place I photographed their wedding only 2 years ago.  THIS is what I love about what I do. Seeing good people in happy times, as their lives grow, and fill with more and more joy (and maybe a few more sleepless nights). How could I put this off at the prospect of a little rain?

Welcome to the world Willow. May your life be filled with wonder and opportunity and your days be filled with clean waves .

(The gallery is password protected. Please contact Bede & Tarryn for access).

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  1. Beautiful ! what makes it beta is that my name is bede and my fiance is tarryn and her sister is willow, truely spun out lol, very beautiful pictures well done !

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