There are often times when I’m traveling or even photographing a wedding for that matter where some of the greatest experiences and images i capture is on route to the destination, rather than the destination itself.  So not to be deterred by another 6 hour delay and arriving in a city that was never on the schedule.  I knew that something great must come from this experience.

I was traveling to the XXV photography summit in Portland with the powerhouse children portrait photographer Susan Michals.  At the Avis counter at midnight with a two hour drive still ahead of us,  I noticed the sign “BRAND NEW CAMARO, NOW AVAILABLE”  Well a little voice that I never new existed piped up and I said “can we have a Camaro” Well it was a boy hood dream to drive an old American muscle car and flashing through my mind was remembering how my own boys faces would light up seeing a picture of a Camaro.

However because we wanted to leave the car at Jacksonville, the manager said we couldn’t have it.   Undeterred and with my best Australian accent, I told the manager behind the counter about my boyhood dreams and how cool three little boys at home some 20,000km away would see there dad driving a Camaro.   About 5 minutes latter we where off and I was living a dream.  Besides it was only $5 more than the Honda Civic that we suppose to drive away with.

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