A few weeks ago it was my twin boys’ 5th birthday and the boys planned a “Super Hero” party to celebrate.  Evan loves Batman and, conveniently, Rohan loves Robin.  He desperately wanted a Robin suit for his birthday.   Well, it is impossible to find a Robin suit to fit a 5 year old anywhere in Brisbane.  You can easily get one to fit a 25 year old, but not one for kids (go figure?).   After much searching we found one online, expecting delivery just in time for his birthday and the big party.    Of course, as with all best laid plans, the suit didn’t arrive until the day after the party.   You won’t believe the crazy things we were doing in an effort to get a Robin suit in time for his birthday.   Penny even stopped on the side of the road to ask a group of guys dressed as Superheros if they knew where she could get a Robin costume.  I’m still trying to figure out why there were a group of adult men walking around Brisbane at midday on a Saturday dressed as Superheros!   Who knows?

When the suit did arrive, it was on as fast as Rohan could get it out of the box.  I couldn’t help to take a few pics of my dynamic duo.

Technique: These were shot on the Nikon D3s with the 24-70mm lens.  I set up a portable studio light from Profoto, the “B600”, together with the “Beauty Dish” with white reflector.  I also used the diffuser attachment over the dish to soften the light a little.

Sometimes it is worth doing that little extra with equipment, even for a family shoot.    One day they will be adults and I hope they look back and remember how cool it was to be 5 and be Batman and Robin for a day.   At the very least, these will make great bribes on their 21st!


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