The Image Styler Vol 1

Interactive Photoshop Actions

I have often be asked how I create my “signature style” and give my images the look and feel that they have.   I suppose that many people feel like they can now distinguish a “Marcus print” by the way the print is styled.  Although I do try to shake this up a bit now & then by doing stuff people don’t expect of me, it is true that my images tend to have a particular look and feel.  I guess that is my expression of my vision.

So, how do you create your own signature print?   We have created over 20 interactive photoshop actions to guide you through creating your own signature art print:

The Image Styler

We’ve described this as “interactive” photoshop actions because it is more than push-a-button effects.  This resource is designed for professional photographers with a vision for their print, who still want to save time and improve their processing, but fundamentally want to control the output.

Again for Photoshop only – CS2 and above.  Works on both PC & Mac.

I’ve attached some examples below of what some of the actions within Image Styler can produce, but really the end result is in your control on this one.

Preview Video

Examples using different actions

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