With a sense of romance, of mystery, of total passion tucked into each and every image


Photography can be one of the most exciting and valuable things in life that we can invest in.  I know this first hand, from all the memories I have of my own three boys, from the early years as little babies, even til now being 17, 16 and 16, the time has flown by but recalling all the special memories are helped by the images I have, mostly happy snaps but some professional images along the way as well. But along the years we’ve also lost people close to us, that’s when I’ve realised just how important photography is and how valuable wedding photography can be.  It’s why I love weddings so much, it’s an occasion where we get to celebrate with all the people we love and cherish. It’s the perfect place to capture all of those memories in one place. 


It’s not until you’ve experienced all the incredible little moments throughout your wedding that it dawns on you that your photography becomes your very own time capsule, a piece of yours and your families history.


Our pricing starts from $3900, we’ve kept things simple and very flexible. To create our collections, we asked our couples what they wanted most from their photography. Then we designed our packages to give you just that – everything you want, adding in a few little things that you won’t receive from anyone else. If you want more or something different, we can easily tailor our packages to suit. Most importantly, our photography comes with a guarantee of quality that few can offer.


From the first consultation, through to your special day, Marcus and the team ensure your every need is met. Marcus’ mission is to get to know you, and what matters most to you as a couple. This is done through a series of personalised planning and preparation sessions. You will also get to have a one on one design session with Marcus, to discuss how you would like your images captured and create your own ‘signature look’.



On the day, Marcus and his team are attentive, patient and observant; they blend in seamlessly and capture every memorable moment through their lens. To us, it is so much more than taking pretty wedding pictures – it is about telling a story, through our imagery, that overflows with romance and meaning, and captures the very essence of who you are. Then, even before your honeymoon is over, you get to relive every moment, through the series of stills we’ve captured for you.

If you decided we are right photographer for you, to secure us for your wedding, a 20% deposit is required. Prior to booking we will send you our full terms and conditions and discuss any additional potential travel costs in detail, so there are never any surprises.

We do book out well in advance, so if we are the right photographer for you, please be sure to book as early as possible.