For many years we have been developing Photoshop Actions to use in our studio to help save us a bit of time in working our prints.   After over a decade of professional print making, and talking to clients about what they like in their images, we have compiled what we believe to be the definitive list of Actions that any user of Photoshop should be applying to improve the time they spend on common image enhancing techniques:


This is a set of simple tools to improve workflow and improve your image styling.  All the studio “essentials” are there like black & white conversions and colour corrections, sharpening, vignetting and others.

All my studio staff learn & use these actions regularly- but they are only for Photoshop this time – not Lightroom.    They will work on CS2 and anything above, and work on both PCs and Macs.

I’ve posted some examples below, but a full tutorial is also included with the disk.

Preview Video


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