It is such a special time when your kids are little.  Everyone always says it goes so fast and until you have kids you don’t really realise what they mean.  Some days (the hard days) seem to stretch on forever, but most days are filled with so much fun and laughter, joy and wonder, that those moments are gone in a second.   

Recently Nicola was asked by Tracy and Steve to capture some of these cherished moments before their beautiful girls got too big.   She had such a fun session with Maddie & Georgia at their home, capturing their big smiles and beaming personalities.   The girls were great at entertaining each other and keeping the whole family laughing and smiling.  



Tracy and Steve loved the session so much Nicola also got to photograph a very special event – the christening of baby Maddie.   Family were visiting from all over and Tracy & Steven knew that this was an occassion worth recording forever.   I’m sure these images will be as special to Maddie’s children one day.    

…And just how happy can one baby be?  Maddie doesn’t stop smiling.  She is gorgeous!


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