On the shelves at Angus & Robertson this week you will find a new book by Susanna De Vries – Trailblazers.   As Susanna best describes in her intro, “This book profiles 15 Australian women who blazed a trail for the younger generation.”  These women have really made a difference.  One of those women is the current Governor General, Quentin Bryce.   When Ms Bryce was Governor of Queensland, Studio Impressions, (Adam & I) were commissioned to take her official portrait for Government House.    When I received my copy of Trailblazers this week, I was really excited to see, there on the cover, one of our portraits of the Governor General.     Today I feel very honored to have played a small part in recording a little of Australian history, and I feel just a little proud that my portrait has been chosen to represent this amazing woman in print.

Susanna De Vries is an art historian and full time writer.  She is a fabulous lady who writes fabulous books.  My wife Penny, has already started reading this one.  I put it on my desk at work & she picked it straight up.  Any book on women in leadership will always get her attention, but an historical book on women in leadership through the ages – I’m not sure she will lift her head out of it the whole weekend.

Adam and I have been very lucky in our careers to meet many amazing people.  The Governor General is certainly one of those.   Seeing this book has inspired me to bring out some of my other portraits of people that have inspired me, people that are successful because they are passionate and because they care about making a difference.  I’ll be posting some of these over the next few weeks.  Then I think I’ll start photographing some more – just to celebrate the difference that dedication, passion and compassion in an individual, can make to the world.



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