Jeff Ascough, In my opinion, is one of the best wedding photographers in the world.  His images are amazing.  He has a great passion for photography, and is also a wedding photographer inspired by many of the same artists that inspire me.  We have shared a lot of similarities in how our styles developed.  Beside all that, he is simply a great bloke and lives in a beautiful part of the world.    Recently I had the honour of presenting with Jeff on a series of three sold out seminars throughout the UK.  Delegates came from throughout Europe, some even flew in from China, Hong Kong,  Canada, Singapore and the US to attend.  Thank you all so much for making it a great tour!

The downside of being on these tours is being away from my family, so to make the most of my time away, I use it to refocus on the stuff that really inspires my work.  Being in the UK and Europe is always a great chance to hit the art galleries and see the work that doesn’t often appear in Australia.   I love to immerse myself in the work of some of the great artists like Pieter de Hooch and Vermeer at the National Gallery in London.

One aspect of plane travel I absolutely love, is the period an hour or two before sunrise when you get an amazing colour spectrum in the sky.

One of the highlights of this trip was taking an afternoon out with Jeff to photograph some of the local landscapes. Here is one of the images I took below.  Told you he lived in a beautiful place.

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