A big thank you to everyone who has contacted us concerned about how we have been affected in the current flood crisis in Brisbane.    Your well wishes are really appreciated.    It is a difficult situation for all Queenslanders.

For the informaton of all of our customers, our Studio premises is currently closed due to the risk of flooding, however the premises itself is, for the moment, safe.  Flood waters are expected to peak in the CBD tomorrow, at which time we will know if the waters will reach us (fingers crossed it won’t).   We will remain closed until the CBD reopens and will advise you all as soon as we are open again.      We have been able to remove ALL our files including ALL of our image files, work in progress, and completed albums, and back ups are a way of life at Studio Impressions, so please be assured that your precious memories are safe and secured from the flood.   We know that the value of the items we hold in our hands goes way beyond any monetary value.    We have taken many precautions to ensure that we can begin operating again as soon as possible and will advise as soon as the Studio reopens.    Most importantly, our staff, and my own family, are all safe.    We sincerely hope that you, our customers, are also safe from harm and high and dry.

We will be in contact progressively with any clients scheduled to come into the studio over the next few days to re-arrange your appointment.   If you need to contact us, please call Penny on 0433 900 392.

You will have all seen on the news that the situation across Queensland is a traumatic one.   Thankfully, our situation is not so terrible.   Like many of you though, we have friends and family who have been really affected.   Our thoughts are with them and we will be there helping with the clean up as soon as the water receedes.     Thanks again for all the wonderful support we are receiving, and know that we are ok.  Just keep sending those donations to the Premier’s Flood Appeal, for all those that aren’t.

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