You know some weddings are going to be fun before you even arrive on the day.  Hamey & Dan’s wedding was one of those.  It might be because we know some of Hamey’s aunts and have seen how these ladies can party, or it might be because the couple themselves are so down to earth, relaxed and good humoured that you know there is no way this could be a stuffy affair.

Dan is a farmer and Hamey is a city girl who now runs a successful personal training business in Dan’s home town of Dalby.  They are honestly the most wonderful people. Hamey used to be a nanny with a special knack for looking after twins and some of the families she worked for made a special trip to be at the wedding.  It shows how loved Hamey & Dan are by the people that meet them.   It was an absolute pleasure for Studio Impressions to be invited to capture their day.   Hamey got ready at the Royal Albert Hotel in Brisbane and they were married at the Stuartholme Chapel before partying the night away in the ballroom of Victoria Park Golf Course.   You will see from the photos that it was quite a party (although we did expect to see more dancing on tables from some of the guests – they will know who they are).

Hamey & Dan, may your love always be as genuine and grounded as each of you are as individuals.  We wish you a life filled with happiness, laughter and crazy people dancing on tables.


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