Some call them wedding favours, some call them bonbonniere.  Whatever term you use they are the first things your guests will talk about when they sit down at your wedding.   We’ve all done it – taken our seats and immediately picked up the little gift that has our name on it then shared our thoughts on that gift with the others at the table.  They aren’t designed to be, but they are, the perfect conversation starter.   We forget that the bride & groom have most likely agonised for months over these sweet little gestures, and probably spent hours upon hours tying ribbons or filling boxes & putting little tags on things.   The great thing is that gone are the days of stuffing chocolates in our too small purses to take them home for the kids.   Wedding favours are now practical and enjoyable and almost always packaged beautifully.  We sure have come a long way from sugared almonds in tulle.

Here’s a little sample of the great ideas we have seen at some of the weddings Studio Impressions has photographed.   Honey, lollies, perfume, cigars, ties, pashminas and all of it in the cutest little packages.   Stuck in bonbonniere hell?   Be inspired!

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