A festival of floral for your Friday!   The bouquets chosen by our brides over the last year have been nothing short of exquisite.  There is not one of these bouquets that doesn’t make me want to pick it up, close my eyes and breathe deeply into those soft petals to be transported by their heady scents.   Flowers will always make me happy (hint hint Marcus).






Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-6 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-7


Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-8 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-9

Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-12 Wedding-Inspiration-Flowers-Bouquet-13

We work with some amazing floral designers, so if you are looking for someone you can trust to make you a beautiful bouquet for your wedding, check out these creatives:   Bouquet BoutiqueDivine FlowersAlways Fabulous Flowers, Stem Designs, Mondo Floral Designs.

If you are a florist and see one of your fabulous creations in this post, please comment and claim your gorgeous work.   We would love to recommend you too.





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  1. WOW, those are really great pictures of some pretty bouquets. i mostly love the second one from last, where the bouquet lying on an old sofa. the vintage effect surely gives so much uniqueness to the photo.
    Nice captures, thanks for sharing.

  2. It is a no-brainer for any bride to choose these bouquets. They are really extraordinary and very classy. The quality of flowers is also great. Good job.

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