I love flowers.   Nothing makes me smile like a bunch of fresh flowers on my table, by my bed, or delivered to my door (hint hint).  When we planted some gardens recently I wanted plants with flowers.  I don’t care if the magnolias attract bees or that I have to scoop frangipanis out of my pool every morning.   They smell great and when they are floating on the water I pretend I’m in Bali or Thailand on holidays.    If I could get away with it, I would wear fresh flowers in my hair everyday.    A flower is a pleasure to the senses.  It is beautiful to look at, soft and delicate to hold and the smell will always evoke a memory.     Last Friday Marcus arrived home with a bunch of lisianthus.  Just because.  (OK I hear you groaning & yes it is really really true).      At the time our three boys were screaming at each other in a fight, the phone kept ringing, dinner was turning disastrous as I was trying to calm them cook something, fob off ‘market researchers’ & send emails all at once.   Those flowers came at the perfect time.  They made me stop and through all the noise and mess around me, take stock of just how lucky I am.  You see, they were purple, my favourite colour.  And they were the same flowers that formed part of my bridal bouquet lovingly designed and handmade for me by my sister and two favourite aunts.  Marcus had, of course, forgotten all of that.  But I hadn’t.  In an instant I remembered why family matters and why I married this man all those years ago.  The chaos around me suddenly seemed wonderful.

Here are some of the flowers that our brides chose this last year.  Perhaps the flowers in these bouquets had meaning for them when they chose them.  They will forever have meaning for them now.

I wish I could give you the details of which florists were responsible for these beautiful bouquets, but sadly we don’t have all that info, so if you recognise your fabulous work here, please let us know.  If you are looking for a great florist, some of the fantastic “floral artists” we have worked with over the years include:

Divine Flowers, Always Fabulous Flowers, Julie Vine Flowers, Mondo Florists, Phoebe Stephen’s Flowers, Bouquet Boutique, Green and Bloom, Baggaleys, Mater Florist

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