Well here it is, my first post sharing the views of the women of Studio Impressions.  You hear from Marcus & Adam all the time, but actually, the girls at Studio Impressions outnumber the boys by 1, and our love of weddings comes from a whole different angle to the boys.    What is one of the things we love most about Weddings?  THE FASHION of course!   So here is the first in a series of posts for all the brides-to-be out there and for all the women who just like to have a plain old sticky beak at anything fashion related.

Years ago I used to grill Marcus every weekend on the details of the wedding and he would tell me heartfelt stories about the people he photographed & their families.  Lovely, but what I really wanted to know was what colour were the bridesmaids dresses;  who was her designer;  what were the flowers like….. you know, all the really important stuff!   I don’t ask anymore, now I just check out the wedding images myself.

There are 4 girls at Studio Impressions and Mondays are usually spent oohing & aahing over the most recent brides’ shoes, or dress or the way she has done her hair.  Then we dream about what we would have if we were getting married, or in my case, married again… (to Marcus of course!)

It dawned on me last month what a wealth of info on wedding fashion we have in our files here.   What a perfect place for others to look for inspiration!  So, here is the first of a series of posts compiled by me & the girls of Studio Impressions, on wedding fashions from the past year.  We will post on yummy wedding things like dresses, flowers, hair , shoes, cakes, table decorations, and whatever else we see & think you’ll like.  All of them will be from a 2011 Studio Impressions wedding.  As much as I wanted to, we couldn’t include something from every wedding (you’d be scrolling down for days) instead we’ve given you a little of this & a little of that because variety is the spice of life, and of weddings.   Glamour and beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes and colours and budgets.  So if you are planning a wedding or you simply like to look at pretty things, this is for you, and for me……thanks Marcus!

Starting our series with ……………drum roll……………….WEDDING DRESSES!…………

Designer:  http://www.phillipalepley.com/                                                                             www.johannajohnson.com.au

Designers:  Top:  www.henryroth.com  Bottom Left:  www.pallascouture.com    Bottom right:  www.darbbridalcouture.com.au

Designers:  top: www.pronovias.com.au  and the rest above are www.verawang.com

Unfortunately we don’t have the details of the designers for the dresses below.  They were just so darn to-die-for that I just couldn’t leave them out.

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  1. Hello Penny! My favourite has always been the Johanna Johnson dress. Simple elegant and stylish! I especially love the headpiece that goes with it. Can NOT wait for the shoes!!!

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