Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-2 To  publicly pledge your commitment to each other, to promise to love and stand by each other whatever life brings, to sign a contract agreeing to share your life going forward – that’s what this whole wedding this is about.  It is a BIG deal. I don’t care what anyone says, it takes courage.  And that is why when the ceremony is finally over you feel this crazy mixture of joy and relief – like you were just presented with something big and you faced it.   That is why I don’t think decorating your a wedding ceremony is a frivolous thing.  The way things look, heighten the way they feel and the way we remember them.  Your wedding ceremony is something very special and everyone there sharing it with you should feel how special it is from the moment they walk in.  So if you want to spend ages choosing just the right candle to light during the ceremony and if you want to go crazy with flowers that smell like the perfume you wore on your very first date – go for it.  Make a statement about your love.  Mark the importance of this moment in your life any way you want.   We have seen some truly beautiful ceremonies over the last 12 months.  Here are a few for inspiration.

Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-13Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-12 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-3Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-22 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-5 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-6 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-7 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-8 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-9Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-10 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-11 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-21 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-1 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-18 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-16Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-14 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-17Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-4 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-19 Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-20Wedding-Inspiration-Ceremony-Styling-15









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