Oooh it has been way too long since we put up my favourite Inspiration Post – DRESSES (second place is a tie between shoes & grooms).  There have been so many luscious make-me-want-to-get-married-again dresses on our Studio Impressions brides in the last 12 months that I cannot believe I’ve left it this long to share some. My favourite thing about 2014 bridal gowns is the variety.  Personality has returned to wedding couture and I love it!  Lace and long long veils have made a big showing, but otherwise the gowns have been as distinct as the beautiful woman wearing them.  Exactly how it should be.  The best dresses fit the woman – her body and her soul.  I think that is why when you buy a wedding dress, you just KNOW when you’ve found the right one.  It brings out your beauty. For that reason we’ve started the post with one of Marcus’ crazy light ray shots (even I wonder how he always gets this light).  Somehow, it just feels right today.

 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-33Laura in Vera Wang.


Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-1 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-4Natalie in Berta Bridal.   Felicity in DARB Bridal Couture.

Samarra in Steven Khalil.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-23Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-5Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-3Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-24Jess in Vera Wang.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-6Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-7Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-17 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-8 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-16 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-10The detail of Kristy’s Judy Copley close up & Carolina in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-22Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-25Barbara in Pronovias.   Michelle in DARB.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-14Sarah in Monique L’huillier.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-11 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-12 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-13Susannah in MXM.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-18Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-35 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-15Liz in J’Aton.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-37 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-31

Renee’s Bride’s Desire gown.   Briony in Steven Khalil.

Nicole in Bertossi Brides.

Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-20 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-38 Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-36Wedding-Dress-Inspiration-Style-19Francoise in Pronovias from Brides of Brisbane.

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