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It's everything we love about life, what we value about relationships, our children, our family and  friends.  We imagine you feel the same. Those fleeting moments - the loving glances, tender kisses, shared laughter and joyful tears – the connections between people; this is the foundation of Studio Impressions Photography.  It's how we would capture your day.   It’s the love of witnessing sincere emotions, and perfectly capturing them, creating lasting impressions. Our aim is to tell a story through our lens; understanding what is important to our bride and groom, what is most valued, and reflecting this through our lens.

We want to capture a succession of imagery that kindles emotion through raw intimacy, atmospheric beauty, authentic connection, and above all, love – in its purest form. Our work is not contrived, nor posed; from the first consultation, we develop a strong and genuine connection with each couple – ensuring a sense of ease on the day. We aren’t obtrusive or demanding, rather we blend into the celebrations seamlessly – and with our attuned sensitivity to noticing the subtle details, we capture life’s precious moments and preserve lasting memories, as they unfold around us. Our work doesn’t alter with trends; rather it emanates a classic elegance, unworn by time.


While there is an array of terms used to describe different photography styles, it is hard to summarise exactly what we do and how we capture your day in a single phrase.  What we can say is that our photography style is honest, beautiful, natural, timeless and above all, it’s directly connected to you, and the people dearest to your hearts. For us, capturing weddings is our art – we pride ourselves on creating tangible recollections of a celebration heightened by love, emotions and meaningful connections. We know how special this day is to our couples, and share in your excitement, which is why we put our all into capturing each moment in a way that best reflects you.

We are not about staging or contriving moments, rather we encourage couples and their guests to just be themselves, and through our revered documentarian-style, photojournalistic approach, capture every spontaneous, natural and candid moment shared. Of course we don’t forget the fundamentals at weddings, such as family portraits, we just simply do them for you in an effortless manner maximising the precious time you have.


Couples are continually feeding back to us what they loved most about our work. One recurring praise we receive, is Marcus’ natural ability to make people feel instantly relaxed, calm and completely at ease in front of the camera. This is because Marcus – down to earth and a true romantic – strongly believes who you are as a person, reflects who you are as a photographer. He genuinely cares about his clients, and is passionate about people and their relationships, families and touching moments. Marcus knows just how important it is for his couple’s to feel comfortable with him, as this in turn allows him to capture their individual character and spirit – free of nerves or insecurities. Marcus develops strong relationships with every couple he works with, from the initial consultation through to their special day, and works tirelessly to create distinct imagery reflective of who they are and what matters to them most. He loves it, everything about it, as it’s his way of giving people a record of their love and their lives to share for generations. On the day, Marcus and his team adopt an unobtrusive approach, blending in and deeply observing what is happening around them, capturing memorable, off-the-cuff moments between the couple and their guests. Marcus with a patience and a watchful eye, holds the strong belief that the best photos come from spontaneous moments you didn’t even know were being photographed.


Because our style and approach to wedding photography is so distinct, we find couples that have a love for art and for photography naturally gravitate to us – these couples are our kindred spirits and we are the perfect match. Our couples are grounded, and value their relationships with family and friends above anything. The couples we work with are drawn to our deeper observation of what is happening around them, our ability to capture telling moments and hone in on what matters most. They don’t wish to pose for their photographs; rather they seek wedding photography that is natural, relaxed and overflowing with genuine beauty. They love, what we love most about photography, and it is their heart-felt words that are a true testament to our work.  If this sounds like you, please get in touch and we can check our availability. We look forward to hearing from you.







It's not until the end of your wedding day you realise your photography becomes priceless. It's not until after experiencing all the incredible moments throughout your wedding and you wake up the next day that it dawns on you that its one of the rare things you get to keep forever. Your photography becomes a time capsule of the day before. So how do you budget when the true value of it won't be realised until after the day?

Starting from $4900, we’ve kept things simple and very flexible. To create our collections, we asked our brides and grooms what they wanted most from their photography. Then we designed our packages to give you just that – everything you want, adding in a few little things you won’t receive from anyone else. If you want more or something different, we can tailor our packages to suit. Most importantly, our photography comes with a guarantee of quality that few can offer.

From the first consultation, through to your special day, Marcus and the team ensure your every need is met. Marcus’ mission is to get to know you, and what matters most to you as a couple. This is done through a series of personalised planning and preparation sessions with Marcus, before your big day. You will also get to have a one on one design session with Marcus, to discuss how you would like your images captured and create your ‘signature look’.

On the day, Marcus and his team are attentive, patient and observant; they blend in seamlessly and capture every memorable moment through their lens. To us, it is so much more than taking pretty wedding pictures – it is about telling a story, through our imagery, that overflows with romance and meaning, and captures the very essence of who you are. Then, even before your honeymoon is over, you get to relive every moment, through the series of stills we’ve captured for you.

If you decided we are right photographer for you, to secure us for your wedding, a 20% deposit is required. Prior to booking we will send you our full terms and conditions and discuss any additional potential travel costs in detail, so there are never any surprises.

We do book out well in advance, so if we are the right photographer for you, please be sure to book as early as possible.