Fridays always make me feel like taking off for the weekend to sit by the beach somewhere, sip something cold & just chill for a bit.   The downside of my job is that weekends are usually busy so I can’t just disappear.  Mostly I see this as an upside except for the odd moment of Fridayitis, because I know there are times when my job gives me the chance to go to places like this.

So, because I’m not taking off to anywhere exotic this afternoon, I think I’ll share a wedding that took me to one of the places I love going to in my head on a Friday – the Whitsunday Islands.  This is the beautiful Kate, in her fabulous Darb gown, & her man, Hayden, on their dreamy wedding day at Villa Botanica,

Hope when you look at these images, they take you to places of blue skies, warm sand and big smiles.

Kate & Hayden, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  May your life be filled with happy times and beautiful places.

Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-2Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-5 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-3 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1

Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-8 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-6

Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-11 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-12 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-14 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-15 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-16

Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1  Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-20 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-21  Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1

Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-24Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-10 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-1 Whitsundays-Wedding-Photographer-Marcus-Bell-27






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