It is easy to see that Zoe and Simon are a gorgeous couple.  When you meet them and spend even a few moments close to them, you realise though just how lovely they are together – how much they light up the world around them.  My latest wedding was a special day and, thanks to Zoe and Simon, also a wonderful reminder of why people fall in love.

The ceremony was at a Private Residence in Doonan, just outside of Noosa, looking over the beautiful Sunshine Coast region.  Zoe wore an exquisite gown by well known designer Mira Mandic, with an elegant, vintage feel.

Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit,  and a fabulous place to celebrate a wedding with family and friends.  We’ve done a few weddings there this year with couples choosing between the popular (and exceptionally good) Sail’s, Bistro C and Berrado’s on Hasting Street.  For Zoe & Simon’s weddings, it was a nice surprise to photograph at Rickys for the first time.  Situated adjascent to the Noosa Sound, guests enjoyed the beautiful sunset that stretched all the way to the Noosa River mouth.  All these venues have amazing food and atmosphere.

Guests flew in from all over the world – the USA, Europe and from around Australia.

Zoe a well known graphic designer from Sydney chose one of the premier designers for her wedding stationary – CECI in New York.   She also made her mark with the great idea of asking guests at the wedding to use a vintage typewriter to leave personal messages and well wishes for the couple.

One of the most memorable moments of the day came by chance.  The couple were to share a bottle of Dom Perigon on a private boat charter down the Noosa River, until we found out there was no boat.  A very apologetic skipper explained, due to reasons outside of his control, there would be no boat ride today, so I stepped in and suggested a few places nearby where they could quietly share the bottle together.

It could have been a major disappointment, but instead this became a wonderful opportunity to be alone and enjoy their first sunset as a married couple.

I’ve often been accused of being a romantic, and I have to admit I couldn’t let this moment pass.  It was only about 18 months ago that I celebrated my own 10 year wedding annivesary, in Noosa, sharing a 20+ year-old bottle of DOM at sunset along the rocks in Noosa National park.  We had purchased the bottle at the duty-free desk as we arrived home from our honeymoon, with the express purpose of drinking it on our 10 year anniversary.   So…the significance of this simple moment for Zoe & Simon, was not lost on me & I just couldn’t help taking lots of shots.

To say this was a celebration is an understatement.  It was a day that people will always remember (and not because it was one of the hottest, humid days of the year).  It was a day that people saw the real meaning of love, family and friendship.

During the evening person after person stood up and described how the infectious love of this couple solidified their relationship and united both their family and friends.

A saying that has always stayed with me after first hearing it years ago is;  “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but from the moments that take our breath away.”  I’m always remind of this saying when capturing moments like the one below – when a mother stands beside her son, there to witness one of the most magical days in his life.

Keeping with Jewish tradition, the procession began with the groom walking down to the Chupah, followed by the bridal party in pairs and then with Zoe and her father.

To conclude the ceremony, Simon breaks a glass that was owned by his grandmother.  In unison everyone yelled out “Mazel Tov”, a blessing of  good fortune or wonderful luck forever.

The chupah now becomes a family heirloom, to be used for generations to come.

As soon as the ceremony was over the three flowergirls took off.

I don’t think you can ever say you’re stranded (even if you have been left high and dry with the boat not showing) when you have a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon by your side.  Fortunately the locations quickly became the perfect backdrop to enjoy a glass of champagne.

The reception at Rickys started instantly with traditional dancing that continued for the next 40 minutes.

The vintage typewriter enabled guests to leave an everlasting impression of the evening.

Congratulations Zoe and Simon!  Thank you for the wonderful memories.  You both have something very magical.

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